Client Services

Nothing is more important to the success of your company than attracting and retaining top talent. Let the Employment Doc write a “prescription” for what ails your company by providing strategies and direct assistance in setting up programs in the following key areas:

The Checkup

Effective advertising                                             
Recruiting materials
Using community resources for referrals
Employee referral program
College and high school internship programs
Using recruiters and staffing agencies
Attending job fairs
Transportation programs
Tax credit programs used in hiring including hiring Vets


Pre-employment tests and professional assessments
Drug testing
Pre-employment background checks
Routing and storing resumes (ATS)
Response letters
Offer letters
Relocation programs
On-boarding orientation


Incentive programs
Performance reviews
Employee assistance programs
Associate opinion surveys
Career planning
Succession planning
Exit Interviews

Implementing or changing these programs will have an immediate impact on the bottom line. Call or e-mail to discuss how we can “doctor up” your organization. 

Remember, your company’s two greatest assets are your people and your money, and your people are the greatest asset your company doesn’t own. 

Jim Infantino, The Employment Doc, (561) 504-2521;