Applicant Services

Working with the Employment Doc will be a positive experience. With over 30 years in the placement of high-level professionals with national and international companies, we have the experience and knowledge of how companies screen and hire applicants. There is a different process with each company and the Employment Doc will help you find successful entry into those companies which most value your skills and talents.

Resume and Cover Letter Development

Your resume is your introduction to a company. It must be tailored, concise, and submitted to the correct source in order to be given proper review. The Employment Doc will assist in developing versions of your resume that best reflect your experience and success. Cover letters are equally important and in many cases they are key in getting your resume considered. You must have a compelling letter and we develop several versions.

Job Search Skills and Strategies

The landscape has changed greatly over the last several years. Your search must include advanced knowledge of online applications and social media recruiting, using key words. Talent Managers can scan and review hundreds of resumes a day. The Employment Doc will assist in getting your resume to “the top of the pile” and in the hands of the appropriate hiring authority. There are many “outside-the-box” strategies that we employ.

Interview Preparation and Follow Up Strategies

Companies now insist that you have intimate knowledge of their services, objectives and strategies. The Employment Doc will tailor pre-interview prep to fit the position and interviewer. Every interview has a beginning, middle and end, and there are tactics that will enhance your chances in each phase. In addition, proper follow up and the correct timing will be discussed.

Fee for Services

The Employment Doc charges a flat hourly rate for all services. Generally, we set an agreed upon number of hours prior to initiating our work together. Fees will be discussed in advance and you will receive a complete record of all services and the time allocated to each service.